Wayne Rooney Set To Make His 100 Cap For The Three Lions Today

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Wayne Rooney Set To Make His 100 Cap For The Three Lions Today

Wayne Rooney will join an elite band of England greats at Wembley on Saturday evening, but admits he wanted to quit football before his career even started.

Rooney has revealed his dad and former Everton boss Colin Harvey talked him out of giving up when he had “fallen out of love” with the game when he was 14.

England captain Rooney, 29, who will be given a special golden 100th cap before the Euro 2016 qualifier with Slovenia, admits he has no idea where he would be now if he had given up.

Rooney said: “I think for me, Colin Harvey was a massive help because when I was about 14 I really stopped enjoying playing football.

“Around about that age, you start getting told what different things to do on the pitch, you’re learning the tactics of the game. I felt at that moment that I just wanted to go and enjoy it.

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Wayne Rooney poses with a shirt to celebrate him winning his 100th international cap
Still standing: Rooney is set for his 100th cap on Saturday
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