Two Girls Named Rose and Rosie Got Married Just Like a Perfect Bride and Groom

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26-year-old Rose and 24-year-old Rosie (yes, it’s amazing, they have the same name!) are causing a stir online with their stunning wedding pictures.

The girls, who wed on Saturday, will have been dating for four years in October, and already have a big online following thanks to Rose’s Youtube channel and Rosie’s blog.

Talking exclusively to, Rose and Rosie spilled the beans on their big day.

Rose said: there was never a question of either of them wearing anything but a big white dress for the big day.

She explained: ‘We are both girlie girls (especially Rosie!) and both always dreamed of an elegant traditional white wedding.’

On the day both girls were walked down the aisle by their fathers; Rose by her dad Haydn, and Rosie by her stepdad Kevin.

Rose and Rosie’ both their families couldn’t have been happier or more supportive.

They gushed: ‘Both our families have been extremely supportive and accepting. Both sets of parents are so loving to both of us, we are incredibly happy we have such wonderful families!

So there you have it. Two brides called Rose + two gorgeous white gowns = one beautiful wedding.

Follow the girls and see more pictures from their wedding on their Instagram pages – @RoseEllenDix and @RoxeteraRibbons 

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