See Breakdown Of How Barcelona’ Messi Earn Up To £1milllion-a-week

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Wow! Barcelona's Messi is now earning almost £1million-a-week

Lionel Messi is in the money (Picture: Getty)

Sure, he is probably the world’s best player at the moment – and is a crucial part of the Barca team.

But figures now show he’s earning almost a £1milllion-a-week when you add up his salary and other commercial deals.

Messi’s sponsorships with Adidas, Fifa 15 and Turkish Airlines are apparently worth almost £22million each year, while he is paid a basic salary by Barca of £26million per year.

That’s before bonuses for winning trophies, which are said to be worth £4million – which would take the annual amount to £52million-a-year.

If you think £1million-a-week is small, these are things you can buy every week it:

Four Lamborghini AventadorsWow! Barcelona's Messi is now earning almost £1million-a-week

Not bad Right?(Picture: Getty)

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2500 iPad AirsApple Inc CEO Tim Cook

A bargain at £400 each (Picture: Reuters)

100,000 footballsFootball. A2DGEH

Kick as many as you want over your neighbour’s fence at £10 a pop (Picture: Alamy)

10,000,000 1p sweetsPlanning to watch the World Cup in a pub?Food and drink eaten by

Think of all the deliciuous E numbers (Picture: Alamy)

1800 Flights to the CaribbeanBeach bart at Saint Vincent island in Caribbean.

Take all your friends, family and even your haters there for a few days (Picture: Getty)

Via (Metro UK)

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