Robert Mugabe sacks Female VP, Called Her a Witch

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Robert Mugabe sacks Female VP, Called Her a Witch

90 year old Mugabe fired Joice Mujuru, 59, and eight other Cabinet ministers aligned with her, accusing them of corruption and trying to assassinate him.

President of Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe has fired his deputy, after accusing her of ‘plotting to kill him’ and calling her a witch.

He spoke yesterday saying he was informed she and her people took two tadpoles to a witchdoctors

“One of the witchdoctors said look for two tadpoles of different colours one should be named (President) Mugabe and the other should be called (Ms) Mujuru and put them in water,”
“That’s what happened. “They were made to fight and if (President) Mugabe’s tadpole dies then she will rule. Now if mine won against yours, it seems that is what happened then,

“I go to elections, fight an election and I am expected to bow to my deputy and say I won an election, you can take over?Did I not hear that or read that this man was going to die in September. But the man refused to die in that September and is still refusing to die,”

Mrs Mujuru had been tipped as the person most likely to succeed Mr Mugabe until his second wife, Grace, launched a three-month campaign against her and accused her of being too ‘dull’ and ‘corrupt’ to lead the party.
According to Reuters,experts say the First Lady is now being groomed to succeed her husband, Mrs Mugabe, 49, had repeatedly accused Mrs Mujuru of plotting against her husband.

In a statement, she said

‘A vociferous attempt has been made to portray me as “a traitor”, “murderer” and “sellout”, yet no iota of evidence has been produced to give credence to the allegations.’

Mrs Mujuru is the first vice president to be fired since Zimbabwe gained independence in 1980.Her four predecessors all died in office.

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