Professional Boxer Nicolai Vlasenko knocks Down Two Men Who Harassed His Wife

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This video serves as a warning to all those men who think it’s OK to harass women.

It shows professional boxer Nicolai Vlasenko knocking out two men who had reportedly harassed his wife at a Russian nightclub.

He also leaves a third man staggering around like a baby learning how to walk.

The 29-year-old, who is an expert in martial arts, hadn’t taken kindly to a group of men trying to drag his wife into the VIP section while he was in the toilet.

On his return there would be hell to pay, with him knocking out two men in quick succession and leaving a third man dazed.

One of his victims was apparently local ‘gangster’ Leonti Yevdokimov, 33, who had asked ‘to continue the discussion outside’ after the initial confrontation.

In Vlasenko’s defence the footage appeared to show the men coming towards him first.

By the end of the video everything seem to have calmed down but rather than leave it there, it later emerged the men had filed a complaint against the boxer, which was dismissed by police after they saw the CCTV footage.

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