Man Called Police to Report His Wife for Stealing His Cocaine

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Man Called Police to Report His Wife for Stealing His CocaineMan calls police to tell them his wife stole his cocaine
Robert Collins had a very bad day when his wife reportedly stole his cocaine and he phoned police calling for justice (Photo: Alliance Police Dept)

If you are doing something illegal, Would you involve the police? Well… this man did.

So Robert Collins no doubt wishes he hadn’t called police to report his wife for stealing his stash of cocaine.

Unsurprisingly, cops took a dim view when the 39-year-old from Alliance, Ohio, called 911 to shop his wife.

Instead of receiving the ‘justice’ he thought she deserved, blundering Collins was hit with two misdemeanour charges.

He was also arrested for failing to pay costs in an earlier court case.

Sounding very disorientated in the 911 call, released by Fox News 8, Collins said: ‘Me and my wife had a misunderstanding about something I bought.

‘I bought some cocaine earlier and she wanted to take my cocaine.’

It did not take long for officers to come knocking, and they discovered a marijuana pipe at his address.

But he was less co-operative when confronted with police, and refused to tell them why he had called 911.

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