Jihadi John Has Apologised To His Mother For Causing Her Trouble But Not For The Beheadings

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Jihadi John apologises to his mother after true identity was revealed

Mohammed Emwazi has apologised to his mother for causing her trouble, but not for the beheadings (Picture: Sky News)

Jihadi John has apologised to his mother after his true identity was revealed, putting his family in danger.

Mohammed Emwazi, 26, has not expressed remorse for beheadings he is believe to have carried out in Syria.

He is reported in the Sunday Times as having sent an apology for the ‘problems and trouble the revelation of his identity has caused’.

His family was advised to leave their London home and they are now living in a secret location under police protection.

MORE: The Islamic State militant known as Jihadi John has been identified as Mohammed Emwazi from West London

Forensic experts believe James Foley's execution video may have been staged - making it possible that 'Jihadi John' was not the person who beheaded the journalist (Picture: Reuters)

His father, Jasem, and eldest sister are currently in Kuwait.

Jasem Emwazi has been told to publicly distance himself from his son or face being kicked out of the country.

Emwazi, who denied taking part in acts of extremism, claimed a British agent accused him of trying to reach Somalia for terrorism training when he had tried to head to Tanzania.

He said agents had tried to ‘put words in my mouth’, adding: ‘They say they “are going to keep a close eye on you, Mohammed, we already have been and we are going to keep a close eye on you” – threatening me.’

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