ISIS Ask People to Donate Blood to Help Treat Their Fighters

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ISIS Ask People to Donate Blood to Help Treat Their Fighters
ISIS has launched a blood appeal campaign for their injured jihadist fighters… but we’re not sure how successful it’s going to be after people hear it’s for Islamic State (Isis) fighters.
Isis wants people to donate blood to help treat its injured fighters
Isis wants people to donate blood (Picture: Getty Images)
The militants are desperate for blood after suffering casualties in both Syria and Iraq following regular air attacks from Coalition troops.It has recently been bombarded by Jordan, which is angry after a pilot from the country was burned alive by the terrorist organisation.

Isis fighters, UKIsis wants people under its rule to donate (Picture: AFP)

Isis now wants people living in Syrian city Raqqa to donate blood to treat casualties, according to Mail Online, and taking part is probably not optional.

Members of the Raqqa Is Being Slaughtered Silently (RIBSS) organisation, which is against Isis, said the Islamist group was not worried about blood types and was asking anyone to donate.

A month ago, ISIS was month accused of making young girls give blood by force.

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