Amazing 14 Portraits Of Senior Citizens Prove You Can Have Fun At Any Age

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Amazing 14 Portraits Of Senior Citizens Prove You Can Have Fun At Any Age

Getting older is scary. Each new birthday is another reminder of goals you haven’t achieved, people you lost touch with, or opportunities you watched pass by. This project proves these negative thoughts are the only thing holding us back from enjoying every age.

Russian author Vladimir Yakovlev began his project, The Age of Happiness, to change our ideas about what life is like after 70, 80, 90, and even 100. I seriously hope I’m this awesome when I get old.

1.) Ruth Flowers

The 72-year-old decided to become at DJ at age 68.

2.) Annette Larkins

At age 70, Annette looks youthful thanks to a raw vegan diet.

3.) Dr. Jeffrey Life

The doctor began taking fitness very seriously at age 60.

4.) Duan Tzinfu

At 73, he’s able to perform flexible moves that even younger athletes would have difficulty with.
5.) Lloyd Kahn
The 78-year-old began skateboarding at age 65.

6.) Pat and Alicia Moorhead

The couple enjoys skydiving at ages 81 and 66, respectively.

7.) Greta Pontarelly

She’s a 61-year-old pole dancer.

8.) Robert Marchand

This man is a 102-year-old cyclist.

9.) Doris Long

Now 100, Doris started industrial climbing at age 85.
10.) Cindy Joseph
At 61, Cindy is active in physical fitness, models, and runs a popular video blog.

11.) Alexander Rozental

A 96-year-old mountain skier.

12.) Lynn Ruth Miller

Now 80, she began performing stand up comedy at age 70.

13.) Yvonne Dowlen

An 87-year-old ice skater.

14.) Jim Morris

The 78-year-old bodybuilder became a vegetarian at age 50 and vegan 15 years after that.

(via Bored Panda.)

Most of us youngsters only wish we could have a life as cool as these amazing senior citizens. Take a look at even more of the incredible photos on the project’s Facebook and website.

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